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Address: Studievegen 7, 2815 Gjøvik
E-mail: firmapost(a)hfy.no
Org. no: 916 829 329

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The Management

Rektor og daglig leder Inge Myklebust

Inge Myklebust
Rector and Managing Director
+47 908 94 270

Inge Myklebust’s has 25 years managerial work experience from public services as principal, CFO and county education manager. Inge’s education covers the fields of economics, pedagogy and business administration.

Professor Grete Haaland, portrett

Grete Haaland
Head of Studies and Professor
+47 954 24 548

Grete Haaland has served as the first Manager of Centre for Vocational Research and Development, and she is an experienced researcher. Grete holds the qualification as a Master Craftsman and has comprehensive and diverse experience from the technical vocational field.

Professor Arne Ronny Sannerud, portrettfoto

Arne Ronny Sannerud
Head of Research and Professor
+47 908 21 949

Arne Ronny Sannerud has comprehensive experience from a wide range of R&D projects within the technical vocational field in Scandinavia, Europe and Africa. Ronny holds the qualification as a Master Craftsman. During the last years Industry 4.0 has got his main attention.

Frede Stenslie, administrasjonsleder ved Høyskolen for yrkesfag

Fred A. Stenslie
Head of Administration
+47 997 90 504

Frede A. Stenslie’s prior work experience has been within the field of administration and ICT systems at Oppland and Innlandet Counties. Frede holds a Master’s Degree in Media, Communication and Information Technology from NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The Teaching Staff

Trond Bjørge, portrettfoto

Trond Bjørge
Ass. Professor
+47 911 75 244

Trond Bjørge has served as the project manager for Høyskolen for yrkesfag during the formation. Trond has for years served as lecturer at Innlandet Technical Vocational College. He is an economist, educated at NHH – Norwegian School of Economics and he studied practical pedagogy at the University in Bergen.

Roger Drange, portrettfoto

Roger Drange
Ass. Professor
+47 926 63 379

Roger Drange has worked as ass. professor at Centre for Vocational Research and Development and as a technical vocational teacher. Roger has a wide work experience in the construction industry. He holds a Master’s Degree in Vocational Pedagogy and is a Master Craftsman.

Marit Engum Hansen

Marit Engum Hansen
Asc. professor
+47 481 21 114

Marit Engum Hansen has worked as asc. professor at Centre for Vocational Research and Development at Oslo Metropolitan University. Marit has experience as self-employed and from management in upper secondary education and educational development and planning from higher technical vocational education and university. She holds a Master’s Degree in Vocational Pedagogy.

Tommy Edvardsen Hvidtsten, protrettfoto

Tommy Edvardsen Hvidsten
Ass. Professor

Tommy E. Hvidsten serves as Pedagogical Manager at Tinius Olsen Technical Vocational College and a Ph.D. student. Tommy has diverse experience within technical vocational education and training. He holds an Engineering Degree in Automation in addition to being an electrician.

Aina Maria Kristiansen, portrettfoto

Aina Maria Kristiansen
Ass. Professor
+47 917 28 341

Aina Maria Kristiansen has worked at Centre for Vocational Research and Development where she taught counseling, innovation and learning management. She has served as teacher in technical vocational and special education. Aina holds Master’s Degrees in Vocational Pedagogy and Carreer couceling and she is a skilled craftsman.

Arne Roar Lier, portrettfoto

Arne Roar Lier
Asc. Professor
+47 918 36 733

Arne Roar Lier has wide experience in education and training within the industry and the public sector. Arne Roar holds a Ph.D. in Vocational Pedagogy from Roskilde University in Denmark. During the last years, his research has focused on VR and AR for learning. Arne Roar holds certificates as a skilled craftsman in automation and industrial mechanics.

Håvard Lund, portrettfoto

Håvard Lund
Ass. Professor
+47 414 75 505

Håvard Lund has a long-lasting work experience as a journalist and counselor as well as a teacher at Innlandet Technical Vocational College. Håvard does his Ph.D. at Olso Metropolitan University in which he takes a rhetorical perspective analyzing the valuation of Technical Vocational College education.

Atle Solbakken, portrettfoto

Atle Solbakken
Ass. Professor
+47 468 99 675

Atle Solbakken was responsible for developing the first study plan in Construction Site Management at HØFY. He has many years of work experience in civil engineering in the Norwegian construction industry. His education covers the field of civil engineering with further education within BIM. In addition, Atle has Practical Pedagogical Education for technical vocational education.

Frank Jørgen Vangen, portrettfoto

Frank Jørgen Vangen
Ass. Professor
+47 958 12 313

Frank Jørgen Vangen, an economist from BI Norwegian Business School who for years has served as a manager at Innlandet Technical Vocational College and as a technical vocational teacher. Frank Jørgen holds a Master’s Degree in Vocational Pedagogy. He is a Ph.D. student at Roskilde University in Denmark.

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Einar Wedøe
+47 954 97 280

ICT-consultant Einar Wedøe’s professional background